Book of the Month for June 2024

Behind every thriving school or district are deeply interconnected teams that consistently engage in a reciprocal transfer of learning. Leading With Intention aims to make this process visible by helping leaders and teachers understand how their thinking impacts their decision-making and the overall well-being of their learning communities. Through five highly practical chapters, authors DeWitt and Nelson explore self-awareness, nurturing human interconnectedness, collective inquiry, establishing a learning network, and crafting a personal learning environment.

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Previous Reads

December 2023

Collective Leader Efficacy: Strengthening Instructional Leadership Teams

by - Peter M. DeWitt

November 2023

Excellence Through Equity: Five Principles of Courageous Leadership to Guide Achievement for Every Student

by - by Alan M. Blankstein, Pedro Noguera, Lorena Kelly

October 2023

Leading Data-Informed Change in Schools

by - Selena Fisk

Data--done right--has the power to put schools on the path to true change. Rely on this research-backed resource to help you kick-start, implement, and sustain data-informed schoolwide transformation. There are many ways to use student data, and the author's ten steps offer practical, clear methods for establishing a data team, collecting relevant data, identifying trends,...