Coaching has a powerful impact on improving leadership and teaching and learning. Osprey Consulting gives particular emphasis to the place of coaching in the process of school leaders and teachers realising professional growth. For professional development coaching to be effective it is crucial that there is a clear purpose throughout the process for professional growth and change. Clarity is essential regarding what is to be the focus, why that focus is chosen and how the professional growth is to be achieved.

Osprey Consulting provides effective coaching for professional growth through:

  • Identifying professional development needs;
  • A transparent, confidential and non-comparative process;
  • The co-constructing, development and tracking of an Action Plan in relation to coaching goals;
  • The evaluation of professional growth through monitoring, meetings and professional dialogue;
  • Regular reviews of coaching goals to plan ‘next steps’.
  • The inclusion of data - gathering by both coach and coachee to assess progress, using a variety of methods over time.