Leaders Performance Appraisals 

Effective performance appraisal will:

  1. Provide honest and objective feedback.
  2. Make dialogue about improvement possible.
  3. Identify professional development needs.
  4. Bring about agreed and desired change.

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London: Sage Publications Ltd. pp. 103

For an appraisal for professional development to be effective it is crucial that there is a clear purpose throughout the process for professional growth and change. Clarity is essential regarding what is to be the focus, why that focus is chosen and how the professional growth is to be achieved. The over-arching purpose is for school leaders to receive optimum opportunities for professional growth through an appraisal programme that results in the best possible teaching and learning outcomes.

Osprey Consulting provides effective appraisal practice through:

  • Attention to both accountability and development aspects of performance focused on educational leadership;
  • A transparent, confidential and non-comparative process;
  • The co-constructing and development of ‘deep’ development goals and strategies to achieve these in relation to the leader’s Job Description, Professional Standards and Registered Teacher Criteria and specific tasks and responsibilities. Principal appraisals include evaluation of performance in relation to the Principals Collective Agreement Career Structure as appropriate;
  • The evaluation of performance through monitoring, meetings and professional dialogue;
  • The inclusion of data-gathering from a range of stakeholders by both appraisee and appraiser using a variety of methods over time;
  • A review of performance at the end of the appraisal cycle on the basis of the data gathered;
  • Identifying professional development needs; and
  • Identifying barriers to performance, and generating solutions to overcome these.

Appraisal supported through a coaching model

Coaching has a powerful impact on improving leadership and teaching and learning. Osprey Consulting gives particular emphasis to the place of coaching in the process of appraisal through which school leaders and teachers realise professional growth. In addition to termly appraisal school visits Osprey Consulting offers appraisees the benefit of regular coaching sessions to support them in achieving professional goals, following the Growth Coaching International Accredited Programme.

If you would like to consider this holistic approach to appraisals at competitive rates please contact Maggie Ogram here.