Principal Appointments


The role of the Consultant in the procedure of appointing a Principal is to ensure that due process is followed in a professional, timely and transparent manner. The Consultant works alongside the Board of Trustees, as the Board of Trustees as employer makes the appointment and achieves the optimum match between the incoming Principal and the school community to best serve the students’ needs.

Appointment process

Osprey Consulting offers the following service in facilitating the process of appointing an incoming Principal:

  • Initial briefing meeting with Board of Trustees members to understand their person specification with regard to the incoming Principal, and to confirm the role of the Board of Trustees members and the Consultant in the appointment process;
  • Regular on-going communication with Board of Trustees members and other stakeholders if required, throughout the appointment process to ensure clarity and transparency;
  • Preparation of the Principal Application package including Timeline, agreed by the Board of Trustees;
  • Advertising the Principal position;
  • Receiving and collating applications in preparation for Board of Trustees’ discussion and short–list selection;
  • Contacting referees;
  • Notifying short-listed candidates of their interview date/time and interview arrangements;
  • Discussing interview procedure and questions, if required by the Board of Trustees;
  • Attending interviews and selection meeting to ensure due process is followed;
  • Notifying successful candidate and unsuccessful applicants, if required by Board of Trustees.


A flat rate is charged by Osprey Consulting for the Principal Appointment process. Please click here to contact us for further information.