Eastern Learning Network in 2018

The Eastern Learning Network (ELN) is made up of schools and colleges who work together to grow their pedagogical knowledge and skills and leadership practice to improve learning and teaching. Collaborative inquiry underpins the members’ ongoing learning.

The underlying philosophy of the ELN’s collaborative professional learning is one of emerging practice. The teachers and leaders reflect together and in partnership with the facilitators on the directions that they intentionally want to prioritise for their professional learning and for improved teaching and leading practice in their schools.

The ELN continues to offer schools breakfast workshops throughout the year to inquire into and critically analyse leadership practice. Partnering breakfast workshops focus on growing coaching skills to develop a coaching culture within and across schools to progress collaborative learning and teaching.

The Principals Advisory Panel spearheads the partnership between the facilitators and member schools. Sustaining and building upon the professional learning foci of 2017 the learning areas for 2018 continue as:

  • Leading change and shifting mindsets
  • Growing coaching skills and practice
  • Sharing leadership inquiries
  • Collaborative teacher inquiry


A team of researchers from Auckland University of Technology and Osprey Consulting continue with a longitudinal research study into teacher collaborative inquiry practice in the ELN to provide members with feedback to further inform their collaborative practice. Through publication of the research the ELN practice continues to be shared on various platforms globally including in Asia and the UK.

Online Resources

A bank of online resources including workshop material and videos of presentations supports the professional learning. The ELN online forum and community gives ELN members the ability to collaborate and share ideas.

Induction Workshop

An induction workshop is offered on 31st January for those joining the ELN for the first time.

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Dr. Howard Youngs

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Maggie Ogram

The Principals Advisory Panel spearheads the partnership between schools and facilitators




"Without the ELN and the accountability involved we wouldn’t be where we are. It drives the collaborative teacher inquiry process."

ELN Principal


Hosting guests from Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City